In the early summer we ran off with our cameras in hand. We took pictures of everything and anything, hoping to get some experience behind the lens. As I look at my older pictures I realize the mistakes I have made. I imagine by the time next summer rolls around I will have made countless more. A couple of years from now I expect to laugh at these old pictures.

overexposed elgin pond
I have been playing with Photoshop for about a week now. This picture is so over exposed, so much so, it really cannot be fixed. The left, where the sun is, is blown right out. I have since learned to not take pictures like the one above.
elgin pond 2


  1. The important thing is you’ve learned. Digital photography is great for learning because you don’t have to pay for developing–just look at your shots on your LCD/computer.

    Do you do exposure bracketing? It may be helpful under difficult light situation.

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    1. I was using them but only while playing with hdr. I bought a canon rebel t5 . It is a great entry level camera, but I have out grown it. Bracketing only gives me 3 shots on the t5 I want 5. I am missing external mic, 3 options in the metering instead of 4. I’m happy to know the difference, and feel the measure of progress.

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    1. Last boxing day I bought the T5 with 28-55mm kit lens and 75-300mm lens . A great deal one i’m very happy to have made. We also have 40mm 50 mm, 100 mm macro, 55-250 mm, extension tubes, We were given same advice a Henry’s, they said cameras will get better and cheaper, lenses not as quickly.


  2. I got the same deal but in 2015. I bought a cheap 50mm lens about a year ago, so now I have three lenses to work with. I wanted to get the L series 100 mm macro lens but it was just too expensive. Maybe when I win the lottery I will buy it.

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    1. The only reason i get to use the 100 mm is because we have that 50mm. I feel the same I want the 100 -400 mm L series. 2400 then add the tax. I will get it but not sure when . Hopefully before I win a lottery . 🙂

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