I want to be able to photograph anything. Why not food? We bought a Persimmon about a week ago to try something new. I had to do a search to see what people did with it. Good thing that I did. It was yellow. When ripe, they turn orange. It took a week but finally it ripened.


You can eat it like an apple. It is firm. You can peel the skin off if you find it too tough.

The verdict? Sweet and mild tasting. I will put it in my next salad.


The slices look pretty. In case you are wondering, in the first picture, it was sitting on Rebel Guys singing bowl. It is for the Crown Chakra. He can get that thing going pretty loud! Being a musician, he will record anything that makes noise! It almost looks like a mortar and pestle.


rebel girl


  1. Living in Israel, we used to get bushels of these fruits called “afarsee-mone.” I had no idea what they were, but they tasted great. One day, they had an advertisement on television warning people that you can’t eat a dozen of them with the skins unless you wanted to end up in the hospital with an intestinal blockage. That was when i discovered they are known as “persimmon” in English. But they were really delicious. Never photographed one, though.

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  2. I love persimmons and eat them like apples – with the skin.

    I read Marilyn’s comment about eating too much of the skin can cause intestinal blockage. I’d never heard that before so I did a bit of research. The issue appears to be around eating unripe fruit. From what I read, too much unripe fruit can cause a type of stone to occur in the stomach which can result in bleeding and blockages.

    The skin of a ripe persimmon is safe to eat.


    1. I will probably never eat enough to worry. I am so glad we tried it. I buy food that we haven’t tried before and nine times out of ten, like it. Except for seafood. I can’t stand most of it! 🙂


      1. We don’t get there often but when we are any where near-by I beg my husband to go there. It’s the best grocery store I have ever been to. (Other than the butcher at the Mount Albert Foodland. He comes up with great ways to prepare meat.)

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  3. When they’re ripe, they’re really, really soft. We were always told to wait until after the first hard freeze to eat them (off of the tree). We cut the trees down on our old property because the horses would eat the persimmons and the seeds would give them an intestinal blockage which is deadly.

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    1. Thanks! I guess if you eat it before it is fully ripe it is tart and you won’t like it. I had to wait a week to eat it. The one I had barely had any distinct flavor. There was sweetness. Hope you try it!

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