It is not the best, but I was so excited to learn that I could take out a background, that I did not take the time to ensure I had all the hair. Using Adobe PhotoShop CC, I can now add another background.


For people who aren’t new to this, I know it isn’t great. For me, a newbie, I am thrilled and will get better at it. As for the terrible background in the next photo, at that point, I just threw in anything because I was so excited that I did something “techy”  🙂


rebel girl


  1. LOL. I am so proud of you. This is way over my head, but it inspires me think I need to learn some of that stuff. Sometimes the perfect angle of a photo just happens to be the one with the For Rent sign, or some other inappropriate item in the background. Way to go!

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  2. Not as difficult as you originally thought is it? And should serve as a confidence booster.
    As I said previously in a few weeks or sooner it will be become intuitive – you’re well on
    your way and congrats.

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