For years I have known of a place that have elk on the property. Wouldn’t you know it, from the time I have owned a camera of my own, I haven’t seen one. Until today. We drove past him this morning and stopped on our way home.

When I got out of the van he was already staring me down.

Elk giving me the eye

Is that a camera?
He has a camera

Is that an apple?
Is that an apple



  1. Magnificent animals – we see the cows, calves, and young bulls first as the older bulls hang higher up until winter really sets in then they begin migrating down.
    I’ve watched unknown to them as they make their way through forest and brush and amazed
    at how silently they move for being as big as they are.
    When I was a kid I would sometimes call back to them during rutting season, learned that wasn’t
    a good idea after having to make a break for it a couple times.

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