Toronto CN Tower

Today we went to a spot that overlooks Toronto. It was minus 10 out this morning with a light dusting of snow. It is a little hazy but I have been to that location three times with no luck . Smog and fog have hampered my efforts. One night we will stop and get some long exposure pictures.
toronto cn tower 2
This one would make a cool t-shirt.
toronto city scape
We were on Bloomington just west of highway 48. About 51 km north of downtown Toronto.


    1. Haha I have had that so many times . if you go to WP admin /comments/at the top click the trash and you can recover deleted post . I think I either hit a hotkey or the pad on my laptop while typing and it trashes mid text.:)

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      1. Funny you should say apocalyptic because the second picture I thought nuclear bomb when I saw that. Could be though because I just saw the last military museum post first and also was thinking about WWII in Japan because of another person’s post. I wonder if I had been reading an environmentalist post before hand, if I would have thought of a futuristic bubble in a city where air and temperature is regulated. It’s a picture that can be read in different ways, like a novel.

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      2. I thought the colour looked like nuclear bomb . I switched it to blues and greys and tried to make it look like waves,. Anything creative can be suggestive and interpretive . our mins are something special. 🙂


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