Georgina Military Museum

We stopped at the Georgina Military Museum thinking we would take a few pictures of the vehicles outside. The snow started falling last night, and everything was covered in it. The building is closed through the week but we saw a man leaving the building and was pulling out of the lot.

I asked him if it was okay to take some photos and handed him our card. He actually pulled back in and opened the museum for us. His name was Martin and he is the Vice President of the museum. We were there for an hour. He gave us a good look around inside both buildings and told us so many things that we had no idea about the war.

The pictures I have are just a small sample of what you will see if you plan to visit. I forgot to tell him that I would send any of our pictures to him if he wanted. I also want to thank him for being so kind.

I will be doing another post (with pictures) tomorrow for Remembrance Day.

rebel girl


  1. She looks so cheerful: “I’m making bombs and buying bonds”. For a lot of women at that time, it was the first time to make really good money at a regular job and it changed their lives for a time. I look at her and wonder what she really thought. She reminds me I meant to keep an eye out for the DVD “Bomb Girls” series. (I don’t watch TV that much, preferring DVDs). I heard it was good and made in Canada where you guys are — well in the same country anyways, lol.

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    1. I know! They were certainly selling the war. Everything was just dandy! I have never heard of that show. Canada is getting a fair amount of people interested in filming here. Who knows, maybe one day I will meet a famous super star! 🙂

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      1. I’ve heard Toronto is very popular for filming. Bomb Girls is filmed in Toronto and also some place called Oshawa which also was the locale for It, Reign, X-men, Warehouse 13 and Chicago. So it sounds like Oshawa is starting to become popular for films. I love watching Warehouse 13. I got a few seasons back when it was on sale a few years ago.

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      2. I know Oshawa well and had no idea about any filming. Sounds like I should get out more often! I have never heard of Warehouse 13 either, Now I have to go look it up. Thanks for letting me know all of this! 🙂

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