Caught In A Web

Rebel Guy posted this photo back in August. I loved it and asked him not to let it get lost in a gallery post. He did it anyway. I am re-posting it because I can and he can’t stop me.  🙂 Oh, and I am busy today playing around with Christmas ornaments. <—– (I can see the eye roll! I have plans for December and want a head start)


rebel girl




    1. I thought so too! Glad you like it. I know…Christmas. But it for something to do on this site in December and I am worried I won’t have the time then. Our busiest month is two weeks before. I am much better now, years ago, I decorated eight trees in our house, big and small, and had to start the day after Halloween to have every room finished by then. I donated it all a few years ago, and only use one. I had an entire room for storage before! Isn’t that awful?

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      1. Had a friend who wanted to do one thing on a weekend and his wife another so
        I suggested maybe a compromise or work in both – he said sounded like a good idea
        and such things were the eternal struggle between labor and management – cracked
        me up.
        I asked who was labor and who was management and he replied the roles seemed to
        be interchangeable and he was never quite sure.
        I took as it as an example of a the good natured camaraderie that exists between couples .

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