Roasted Garlic And Fig Jam

The other day Diane at Indianeskitchen posted a recipe on making your own roasted garlic. Danielle suggested goat cheese and fig jam with the roasted garlic. I roasted four garlic whole. We were full from dinner so tomorrow night we will try it. Our homegrown garlic is a hit roasted. Thanks Dianne, we will be doing a lot more. I realized quickly there isn’t enough. It is so good.

roasted garlic
roasted garlic mini cast
The only stacking will be crackers, goat cheese, fig jam and roasted garlic.
fig marmalade
roasted garlic and fig jam


  1. Big on garlic around here, part of the daily regimen and part
    of the garden – figs being scarce the gatherers have substituted
    other home made jams like a thick apple butter or something
    from the assortment of berries that are in abundance, works
    out well.

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      1. I am going out to plant mine today . I saved the biggest ones from this year to plant. I wanted to do it yesterday but the ground was frozen. A local nursery asked me to sell it this year, I said I would next year, but have changed my mind. 🙂

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      1. Well, i do like those 3 things independent of each other. I must give it a try.
        I grew up with a weirdo thing that my mom did with garlick. Its garlick soaking in White Rum. At the first hint of a cold or sore throat, we’re given a teaspoon full or table spoon full of that liquid ( depends on how little you were) and all symptoms would dissapear. Like magic!!. My kid hated it☺. She is grown now. But last week she asked me to make her a supply. That concoction has a forever shelf life in a mason jar 😏😏

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      2. That is the main reason we grow our own garlic . We drink rum as well but years ago we learned that alcohol should be above 44 % , because bacteria cannot live in anything above that . We generally drink the rum in shots when we feel something coming on. Not everyday. 🙂


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