Garlic Planting

Today I am going to plant my garlic, I wanted to do it yesterday but the ground was frozen . I saved my biggest bulbs from this year to plant I thought I had 150-250 bulbs to go in but after a quick count I have 294. Should be a crazy harvest next year.

Some of these bulbs are huge. look at them beside this fuse. For those of you that know what that is. 🙂


    1. That is just what I saved to plant. They were my best bulbs. All my bulbs next year should be my best bulbs. I hope anyways nature throws us curve balls . I have high expectations but just enough experience to know you never know! 🙂


  1. Thanks for visiting my blog. Just took a look at yours and I must say Wow! Reading your About page tells me we have many things in common. Feels like a comfortable place to come when in need of inspiration and friendship. BTW, love garlic. When cooking with garlic, do you have the Italians approach, the more is always better?

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    1. In the end I planted 387. I’m quite pleased with my afternoon The best thing is this was an $18 investment 3 years ago. We braid more then half, we dehydrate for steak spice and basic spice, We are now going to roast and freeze some, and keep our family and friends in garlic for the year. To top it off it is one of the most potent antibiotics out there.

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