I bought this broken necklace from a jewelry store and meant to change it up into something new. Never got around to it. She threw in the single earring for free. It doesn’t match the necklace. You can tell I didn’t use the tripod for this one.


These are pieces that I made myself:


I do not have a clue why I keep these huge fake grapes. I thought I would take them apart and make some kind of wind charm or something. Maybe one day. They are so tacky!


rebel girl


  1. wow, it’s cool you make jewelry. I love the wirewrap thing you did on the stone pendents.

    Don’t know how big the grapes are but might be nice as a xmas tree ornament if it’s not too small? or a kitchen window ornament — the glass of the grapes would be pretty with light shining through it, I think maybe (don’t I sound so sure of myself, lol?)

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    1. They are quite large and heavy. I could take them apart and make each one an ornament. You are right, they would look great with lights! I haven’t made jewelry for over a year now. I don’t have enough time for it and my eyes are going. But I just might start making some again in the future. I do love working with metal and wire.

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      1. The cool thing about wrapping with metal is you can make an xmas ornament with the balls in 1, 2 or 3s (or more) and then later if you have a different idea, you can unwrap them (or cut off the metal) and make a necklace or incorporate the original wrapped ball into a necklace. Oh, now I want to take classes in wrapping! lol.

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  2. I should try a video tutorial — I admit I am not good at those when I am first learning something. I write my how-tos with too many steps because I remember when learning something I’d get snagged on a step because the person assumed the reader already understood something I didn’t know. Most software, though, I Iearned by doing even Photoshop which intuitively I understood from the beginning as it’s built upon the principles of photography, ink and painting.

    Taking a class gets me over my initial hurdles on a new subject. Once I understand the basics, I can use books and how-tos to build upon it. So I’m impressed you learned it straight from videos and posts.

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    1. I find videos hard to learn from too. It distracts me. Reading at my own pace is much better. I would have jumped at the chance for lessons but we live too far from any place that offers classes of any type. It certainly would have sped up the process of learning!

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      1. Used to be here in the city community college was cheap $11 for a credit hour so classes were $33 each for a 3-month course which meant I used to take a class anytime I got interested in anything. But it made the self-learner in me mentally lazy. I think it makes you smarter when you have to learn on your own like you did — because you have to problem-solve as well as learn since not everything is handed up on a platter. lately though the prices of classes have skyrocketed so I am on my own too.

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  3. In my 20s, I took all kinds of sewing classes including pattern making. Wish I could remember what I learned though. I should have taken cooking — you always have to do it and now i love the Food Network channel when I visit Carol’s.

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