Playing With Long Exposure

I wanted to try a night shot of towns and traffic at night using long exposure. I played around with different settings but the one I liked best was a 10 second shutter speed, ISO 100. I put the camera on the dashboard as we were driving home.

Other than cropping some of them, there is no editing. It was fun to try. Not really what I like for photography. But I do want to try my hand at everything.  🙂


rebel girl


    1. This was taken through the windshield as we were driving. But I love the tripod for indoor photography when taking pictures of objects. My husband loves it for outdoor use. Love the remote too!


      1. You can get similar effects of the moving cars by using the zoom on your camera with a long exposure. I think i have one such attempt on christmas lights i’ll have to try and dig out of my collection! 🙂

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      2. I meant to take them tonight. Oh well, there are other days. I will have to nab Rebel Guys zoom lens for it. Dutch Goes the Photo did some how to posts on what I want to try. It looks pretty cool.

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  1. Very cool. I like how you experimented with this even if it isn’t necessarily what you like in photography., that it was fun and you want to try your hand at everything.
    Watching you and other bloggers experiment, try out different things inspires me to stretch my imagination and I greatly appreciate this.

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