More About Tyrone Mills

Quote from their site:

This is a traditional water-powered mill, built in 1846. It serves as a historical attraction with scenic views, local products and warm atmosphere.

The Tyrone Mills Limited has been owned and operated by Robert Shafer over the last 30 years – but its history stretches back far greater than that! Over the last 170 years, the Tyrone Mills has been a grist mill, flour mill, lumber mill, apple cider producer, historic tour center, bakery, and rural community center. Today, it continues to preserve its traditional roots through continual use of its water power in lumber manufacturing and flour production.

You can visit their site here.

I can’t even begin to tell you how much we enjoyed our visit to this place. Everyone was so friendly. The staff was helpful and polite. We will be going back there again, I can tell you that. Do not pass this gem!

This will be the last post of some of the things you can see here. The final post (coming later today) will show some of the things we bought. How can one pass up getting fresh ground flour at a fabulous price?


Hope you enjoyed these posts. If you would like to see all of them, click here and look under the town of Tyrone. (There will be eight posts)

rebel girl


    1. Thank you, Belinda. We loved it so much that we could not stop taking pictures. There were so many more things too! I completely overlooked everything they had for sale, including baked goods! We could have done double the posts on that alone, not to mention all the fabulous things you could buy for gift giving.
      I guess that gives me an excuse to go back. 🙂

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  1. love the pics. looks at the wooden head. Now if Tyrone had been in Byam and next to the blacksmith’s shop, we would have solved Rebel Guy’s mystery of the “what’s in the door”. ah well. I really liked the weather worn wood and rusted wheel outside juxtaposed to the preserved colorful round sign indoors

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