Tyrone Mills Bakery

Tyrone Mills

While be were paying for our flour and chutney, Robert came in with a tray of wood fired oven fresh bread, stone ground on site and baked outside. We bought a loaf of sour dough bread. It was still warm. I followed Robert out to the oven and took some pictures of him in action.
And here is the loaf of bread that I tried with my dinner tonight. It was fantastic. Thanks Robert. We were going to post the old fashioned sugar donuts after dinner, but they were camera shy, due to the fact we ate them all.
tyrone mills sourdough bread


      1. Our local donut shops make them but they are very sweet dough and a glazed top. The mills donuts are authentic old fashioned. The dough just taste right, with a sprinkling of sugar on them

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      2. I remember a bakery in Rockwood Ontario. Saunders bakery They made the best jelly donuts . I had to google it, they are still around . It will be another place I visit , that and Rockwoods conservation area.

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      3. yes – try to go because sometimes these places close fast (or they stay open) – but I was sad to see this Pumpernick Bakery shut down when I was back in Buffalo NY earlier this year – they seemed a staple and were gone just like that.

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      1. Yes, I agree and there is something about fresh donuts. Not sure if its a comfort food or just a connection to people. Usually a yummy donut is with coffee and company. I did really enjoy all the posts about the bakery.

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