Tyrone Mills Products

This will be the last post on Tyrone Mills. I could not resist buying some of their products. This is what I bought minus the old fashioned doughnuts and sourdough bread that is now long gone! Both were so good and fresh!


The Apple Spice Muffin Mix was only $11.00 Canadian for a 2.5 Kg bag, with simple ingredients that I did not need a dictionary to find out what was in it! All I have to do is add water. I can’t wait to bake some up!

The organic coconut flour was only $5.75 for a 1.25 kg bag. Where are you going to get organic for that price? Gluten and grain free flour! I just found a site that has hundreds of recipes for it too. You can find them at Coconut Mama.

The Cake and Pastry flour was $4.95 for a 5.5 kg bag.

We can’t wait to try the Caramelized Onion Chutney. I bet it will be good.

It is worth driving out of your way to visit Tyrone Mills. I am sure we will be going back to buy some gifts for Christmas. In the meantime you can see what they have to offer visit their website here.

rebel girl


  1. So great that you gave a link where we can find and buy these products. I am going to visit this site. I am interested in apple spice muffin mix and old fashioned doughnuts. Thank you!!!

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  2. Nothing beats something from the oven.
    The gatherers with what I consider their encyclopedic knowledge of baking and use of nuts in the baking or to make flour from recently acquired a book of nut recipes and seem to be pretty excited about it – recipes like chipped beef with avocados and brazil nuts.
    Avocados and Brazil nuts aren’t something commonly on hand but I expect they’ll put in an appearance.
    Pumpkin or squash pudding with nuts?
    They’ve been there and done that pre the book as well as red cabbage and a variety of nuts – and that Walnut Aillade with shrimp sounds interesting but shrimp aren’t exactly plentiful in our neck of the woods and not a garden crop.
    I tend to look at recipes kind of like presets in an editing program, you begin with a basic premise and add a touch of this and a touch of that along the way, something I have to say they are masters at it and we’re all the better for it.
    In their bartering coconuts have been acquired in the past and judging by the conversation re the coconut flour photo I suspect they will be again.

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    1. The beef, avacado and brazil nuts! That sounds so good! We have ground our own almonds for flour, but it is so expensive. You are making me so hungry just reading this.
      We make up our own recipes all the time, tweaking here and there. I couldn’t believe how little coconut flour is used versus other types. I can’t wait to bake with it. The other flour will be used for shortbread. We found the best recipe ever. It crumbles and melts in your mouth.


  3. I am hopelessly behind on my blog reading, but my attention was instantly captured by this post. I’ve never heard of this place and what an interesting find! I’ve made a note to check out their website and plan a trip there as soon as I can!
    Let us know how your recipes turn out.

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    1. We hadn’t either until Rebel Guys sister moved and we had to drive through Tyrone to get there. You will love that whole town. There is so much to see. Old buildings all along that road. The apple muffins were so good!


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