My Latest Light Box

I made another Light Box because I wanted something to hold larger items. It isn’t pretty, but it works fine enough for now. This is what I did:

Bought a $3.00 food tent from the dollar store.



I set it on a craft table and propped the back on a small box so it did not tilt.

I lined it with parchment paper bought from the dollar store too. I think it was $2.00. For the center, I just attached it with some book clips a paper clips. I have a hook that sticks a like a sticker if I want to hang anything. Clips if I want a different paper for a background.


I just used the lights we use for work. LED with dimmers. Bonus, LED lights don’t get hot!


Nothing fancy but it does the job!


  1. Let me see. I used a white projection screen from an old 8mm film camera setup, four lights (those I bought) including one table light and two standing lights. A bright white table cloth and two umbrellas. Which meant I could put the whole thing away when I needed the dining room but I could also shoot relatively large items — and this was when i had an online shop and needed clear shots of everything from coins to who knows what (a lot of dolls, come to think of it).

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    1. I have loads of different sizes because we eat outside in the summer and have a lot of company. I used the same sized one to protect our seedling beans this year. It worked like a charm. My middle name is frugal! 🙂


    1. To be honest, I am so new to this that I don’t even know proper lighting yet. If my pictures look half decent, I am happy! I suppose, down the road, I will be wanting a much better system. I just needed something in a pinch for a large object and it turned out fine. I doubt it would be good enough for portraits or anything professional.


      1. I suggest you both read the camera manual.Quiz each other on each chapter.Learn it like as If it’s like the bible.
        Than find a local camera club.You’d be amazed how much you can learn in such a short period of time!
        Remember…the more mistakes you make….the better you will be! Of course try to understand why your picture failed.
        The person who is the best has made the most mistakes!

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      2. Thanks for the advice! We have considered joining a club. Maybe in the summer. We were asked to join one about 45 minutes away. I wouldn’t go that far in the winter. I am finally using manual settings instead of auto. 🙂


  2. That’s brilliant, and I like the low cost part! I made myself a light box a few years ago that I still use now and then; it’s just wire coat hangers and an opaque white shower curtain I bought at the dollar store. I taped it together so that it folds down for storage, and then I use a couple of binder clips when I want to set it up. Not my original idea — I found it online somewhere, but it’s worked great for me.

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