Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

Whatever you celebrate or not, here is wishing you happy days! We were supposed to go to the middle sisters for Christmas  but they all caught that nasty bug going around and she is not well enough to host Christmas this year. That means we will be having it, and that is why I haven’t been on much. Agh!!!! I have been getting the house and food ready!

Christmas would not be complete without our Charlie Brown tree that everyone hates but me. I love it! It’s really a German feather tree. All made from feathers wrapped around wire.


Mom made two Christmas puddings. We had to have a test one, right?  🙂


I will try to get caught up with everyone after Christmas. Now I am off to steam clean the rug and sofas! Oh, and please don’t drink and drive. I beg you! Just don’t do it.



  1. My sister too was very sick last week and from the sound of it, this is one bug we’d all be wise to give a wide berth.
    Merry Christmas and good luck with your last minute hosting duties. You’re a good sister to pick up the baton!

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