Look What Santa Got Me

I picked this baby up on boxing day. It is on sale at Henry’s this week. It has been so cold I have mostly hung around the house. I did manage to get some shots of the moon with it the last few nights. I am really happy with my new lens.
Canon ef 70-200 mm f4 usm.jpg
Here are some pictures from today.
waxing gibbous dec 29 17  over house.jpg
waxing gibbous dec 29 17 420 .jpg
In the backyard.jpg
backyard sun.jpg


  1. nice lens! Love that moon over the house — nice touch that the house is out of focus because then your eye zooms right past the roof to the moon while the angles juxtaposes against the curves

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    1. I like Henry’s they are very informative . I go to the one in Newmarket . At least 3 times they have saved me money with their advice. Where they could have let me blindly spend my money in the store, I like that!


      1. I’m a loyal customer too. On a few occasions I knew I could have saved a few dollars buying elsewhere, but the advice and assistance they provide is priceless.
        More than a few times I’ve gone in with a question about my camera and they were great.
        I’ve also taken a few of their courses and each was excellent.

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