ThinkTank Camera Bag – Inside

I showed pictures of my new camera bag a few posts ago. You can see it here.

Marilyn from Serendipity (if you don’t follow her, you should, she is brilliant and witty) asked to see the inside of it. It was a bit difficult because it doesn’t open up wide. Which is probably a good thing or the gear would fall out.

I did the best I could. The flap was folded over for a better look inside and the arrow points to a flap that can divide that space into two levels of storage. Each space has velcro so you can adjust the compartments.


This one shows the area that holds all the little things. It is on the front of the bag.


The back will hold a tablet. We don’t own one. Maybe I will shove maps or a book inside.


From the bottom you can pull out a cover that will protect your bag from the weather or anyone tempted to open your zipper!  🙂



  1. I had been looking at a bag similar to this one (or maybe even the same one) for a while. It would have been very helpful particularly when we were travelling.
    After you’ve had a chance to use it for a while, I’d be interested in knowing how you like it.

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  2. I recently bought a sling-style bag for my iPad when I travel and when attending conferences. I like the ease at which I can gain access, and it holds everything I need (even my point & shoot camera). Good luck and, as Joanne said, report back in.

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    1. No, I got this at a camera store on boxing day. But I left the link to the ThinkTank site. I think you can get it there. I wanted to be able to try it on and see it myself before buying it. I think I made the best choice for me. No more having my bag bang into people!


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