Color Your World – January 7 through 13

My entries for Jennifer’s Color Your World challenge:



January 7th Inch Worm:

worm (6)

January 8th Robin Egg Blue:


January 9th Yellow Orange:


January 10th Fuzzy Wuzzy Brown:


January 11th Pink Flamingo:

flampink (2)_edited

January 12th Wild Blue Yonder:


January 13th Timberwolf:






  1. I viewed these pics earlier and had to come back.
    My fav….
    the second one – that fake flower is just purdy.
    I also like that you let us read the fortune with the fortune cookies. The message is potent.
    and the inch worm – did you add the eye? where was that taken (just curious)

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    1. Thanks! I poked the feather through the middle. 🙂 All the pictures were taken on top of the ottoman in front of my sofa. Some on top of material inside of a plastic tupperware container, others right on the ottoman itself.
      I did add the eye using “Paint”

      Liked by 1 person

      1. well how fun to hear some of the back story here….
        and I know another blogger who takes most of her pics on the kitchen table – so that is fun to hear ottoman.
        and you added the feather – well that was what I liked so much (um, creative – remember our creative talk) – 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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