1. I did something kind of like this (like this with training wheels) a few years ago. If what I’m seeing is the same, you are harnessed in like you would be for climbing or zip lining. It was lots of fun, but some parts were way harder than I thought!

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    1. It wasn’t open because of the weather. Being harnessed would make me feel better. I think it will be open in the summer time. I want to watch how it is done. I bet it was a rush for you!


      1. It was cool. What I did was indoors and on the dark side with lots of glow in the dark stuff. The place was geared more for kids and young adults so I think it was on the easy side. Still fun and a little challenging.

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  2. I also thought it was an electrical something and felt confused when reading about the possibility of climbing this contraption. On closer look it still doesn’t seem very doable to me. A safety harness would definitely make it a tad more possible!

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    1. A harness would be a must. Funny, I think I am the only one that didn’t notice how much it looked like a hydro electric contraption. Maybe it isn’t an obstacle course at all. I have to back there now and find out. I just assumed it was.

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    1. I think it has a plastic rock climbing wall on it in the summer but they took it down. We have many photos but forgot to take a picture of the business and sign, so we are holding the post until we can get back there.

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