1. Osprey like to build on top of single trees.They are not building there because of the lines.People who are in Osprey societies put single poles out in boggy like areas for them.The birds do not understand that these poles are dangerous until it’s too late.
        I bet If you contacted a local birding group,they’d do something about it!

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      2. found this number for your area & it’s my home town!
        For Osprey emergencies to do with Hydro Poles, here is the Peterborough Hydro One General Number….. 1-888-871-3514. Give them the exact location and ask to speak to the local office.

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      3. I wonder why the hydro electric companies wouldn’t have done something about this before. They have always made their nests there for as long as I can remember. They line the streets!


  1. Very cool nest. Reading the comments was interesting too. Are they going to build a taller post nearby because if that appeals to the bird, you might get to catch some nestbuilding activity come spring

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