R.I.P Delores

I know this is a photography site but I had to acknowledge the passing of Delores O’Riordan from The Cranberries. She passed away on January 15th.

I can count on my fingers the amount of people in the entertainment or sports industry that I would be completely awestruck upon meeting. She would have been one of them and I had the chance to meet her but didn’t. We had met a guy that played in a band from the 80’s that would get together with other musicians once a summer. It was a field party/jamming week-end. We got an invite and I chickened out. I knew there was a chance I would not even be able to speak if I saw her face to face!

I have met “famous” people before, and never thought they were any different than anyone else.  I am not one to put people on pedestals. Delores was the exception.

R.I.P You will be missed.


The daffodils are for her song Daffodil Lament. Time Is Ticking Out was a fantastic song.

Another of my favorites was Zombie:




      1. I’m not sure when she did this. I think it’s fairly recent though. It for a french radio station. It’s just her voice and her guitar. I just think it’s amazing.

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  1. yeah – we have been jamming to the cranberries on and off the last few days – doooo do do do (ode to my family was on earlier)
    and your post was a wonderful tribute.
    I am planning on mentioning O’Riordan in a post later this week (ties into a post I am doing about a girl I met in 1995 and I gave her a Cranberries CD)
    anyhow, I heard O’Riordan had back surgery a few days before she died – and I wonder if this another drug related thing like Tom Petty’s passing – where too much drugs get into the system?
    anyhow, RIP to a beautiful person and singer with a powerful and amazing voice


    1. I think you are right. Someone has to stop these doctors from pushing these pills the way they do. The oxy ones (not saying this is the case here) were only meant for end of life pain, not for everyone. It is a shame that this continues on, How many people are going to die before they stop? Big pharm and the power they have is getting out of control.

      She had a beautiful voice. It’s so sad.

      OFF TOPIC:

      That being said, because you seem pretty smart, (she was bi-polar) it seems like the Irish have a fair amount of people with this type of illness (Schizophrenia too), I read it may be linked to a lack of vitamins/minerals, and can be passed down the generations, I have often wondered if it all started with the potato famine? Any thoughts?

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      1. wow – I do not have time right now to reply in depth – but I do agree with the vitamin connection – and in the 1950s Dr. Hoffer (and now Dr. Saul carries on the studies) found that schizophrenia can be cured with high doses of Niacin and with dietary changes (get off bad carbs and sugars) and more fats –
        and well – what I want to post about later (when the time is right) was in the song “ode to my family” – -Delores said “my father – he liked me – does anyone care…” and for years I have thought this was related to sexual abuse – and then a few yreas ago she said she was abused at 8 by someone very close and well –
        sometimes we just get a gut instinct for this.
        anyhow, so in many cases disorders have a nutritional basis – like the Irish might serious lack nutrients (including iodine) but there also many other things to consider – like not learning adaptive coping skills – having a victim mentality – and maybe even just getting drugs prescribed instead of learning about sloppy habits and all that.
        Always many layers….

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  2. I didn’t have any idea who The Cranberries are or who Delores O’Riordan was before
    watching the videos and then went on to watch others on the net – a talented lady.

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  3. Such a shock when i heard she had passed on Tuesday morning’s radio news. Her voice could either sound soft and fragile or strong and powerful – I got shivvers up my spine when they played Zombie on the evening TV news tribute. Such an amazing woman who was gone way too soon and will be missed by many.

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  4. Such a sad news. Never knew she passed away. :-/ I listen to Cranberries a lot when I go for my evening walks. Somehow I love it when Zombie, Ode to My Family and all come up in my player when am walking. Well, R.I.P. Dolores.

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