1. good idea – and it was nice to see t early because it has me thinking a little – I mihght skip this set of colors as I am goign to take a few dyas off from blogging – but maybe I can get a post in – not sure…
        have a nice “busy:” week

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      2. same here – that is what I am going to do after the next few posts – shut off and then come back after a short pause- I have learned that forced pauses keep me in it for the long haul….

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      3. now, I am curious as to your many other blogs – but whew – you said that right – when we feel hostage things are going array – and that obligatory – hostage feel can sneak up on us –

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      4. I have had several. First were all politics, a few personal, some crafts, some I started then never posted after a while, a few genealogy ones, world news, belonged to a few member only news/politics. I get “into” things, then find a new hobby. The only way I will keep going with this one is because Rebel Guy will continue on even when I find myself wanting to move on to something else! 🙂

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      5. ahhh – I see – and so fun to have the togetherness and separateness with your photo blog (which also has space for current events – like the awesome cranberries tribute

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      6. 🙂
        I hear ya and blogging has a special place in my life – I am not slamming facebooking – cos I actually defend those who enjoy it – right… and it is a social watering hole that connects and builds as folks share. but what I find I like about blogging more than fb is that in blogland – people put more thought into shares – well some post rashly and sometimes pics go up fats – but holy cow – on fb – it friggin exhausts me because sometimes people post ten times real quick like – and it is a hot of them on the couch – or their meal at each stage –
        and again – I know there is a place for that and it has its place – but i find the blog pacing and type of sharing more my taste…
        ya know?

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    1. I am not quite sure what it is. We dug it up on our property. There was a horse livery and blacksmith shop here in the old days. We assumed it was some sort of slag from that. It looks like rock with a chink of silver metal. It is magnetic. Cool that you were a geologist!


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