I Have To Brush Off The Cobwebs

Here is my entry for jm-photo-challenge-music- Day 3

This is my favorite acoustic guitar. I play it all summer, and rarely in the winter. It is a Fender model I have owned for 40 years. It has a very rich bottom end, yet still nicely balanced in the mids and highs . I mainly play open tuning and slide on this baby. 🙂

I have to brush off the cobwebs


  1. Know an old man who has a ’43 or ’44 Martin and though I’m not familiar with
    the values I imagine both your Fender and his Martin are worth a few bucks.
    He has arthritis that makes it difficult for him to play, but says that’s okay as
    he wore out a lot of strings on it and taking it with him when he passes on.

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    1. That Martin is worth about ten times mine . most instruments today are built well . The longevity Is the only question . I have 2 identical fender acoustics , My favorite just sounds so superior to the other. Back to that Martin. They are so easy to record with, one of the best if not the best. I love the story . Legendary!


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