1. That’s great. I have been playing for 40 years . I also find it fun, and a great escape from the mundane challenges life throws at us . I am enjoying photography just as much and for the same reason. Creativity is a great outlet .

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      1. oh no worries and how fun -well not the tired part – but the others… enjoy and hope you and the other rebel havea great week.

        and side note- this could be a good thing to do every now and then – just throw out a bunch of sorrys and keep people on your good side – hahahh – -jk

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      2. hah
        and have you heard the pop song “Sorry not sorry” – it was so popular that the nfl had it for a few of their promos – the singer says,

        “baby I’m sorry…
        I’m not sorry…”

        the song has some in appropriate words – but the comment sharing here reminded me of it – she was trying to say sorry – but then quickly said – “not sorry”

        btu I am still all for throwing our some sorrys – and will keep the trend going – ha

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