1. It is amazing isn’t it? The contrasts are sharper in winter unless it’s a bright sunny day and the sky is incredibly blue, which can create a different contrast. And with snow, it changes at a moment’s notice so the same picture 20 mins apart can be incredibly different.

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      2. Exactly. Some things are so small yet so detailed , it’s not until i’m looking at my monitor that I realize the beauty within. And as you said that window of light and shade is always changing.


      3. Thank you . That is nice of you. I can see my improvements over the last year, and looking forward to where this takes me. Even the little afternoon getaways Rebel Girl and I have been taking are very peaceful. We get behind our lenses and escape the chaotic lives we all live .


      4. Isn’t that a bonus!? I’ve seen Rebel Girl’s posts as well, I can’t find her as often as you but you are both a delight! Two people can photograph the same thing and still come out with a different take and perspective, it’s awesome! I look forward to seeing more.

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