1. Goodness, no! I started out thinking I would like to make a suit. After making a few bracelets and necklaces and realizing the amount of time and loops it would take, I opted out.
      I did give the book that taught how to make it to a teen who wanted to make a suit. Has me wondering if he ever did.


    1. I made my own at one time, just wrapped them around a small metal tube and cut them. After doing that I found out you could buy bags of pre-cut ones. So I did. The picture is of a necklace I made that has a small watch face on the end. It took ages to make! Glad you like it! Thanks!

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      1. I actually have a headdress with that but they added in some crystals too. It’s a little heavy but not bad. It was really expensive — i love it but not a lot of places to wear it. How long did it take you to make bracelet?

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      2. I made a headdress with chain and jade once but my little niece wanted it, so I gave it to her. I know, where would we wear them? Too bad because they are so nice!
        I think the first time I made one it took weeks, probably still would. A few hours each day.

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