1. You and me both. I bought 2 pastries to do the shoot because my usual 1 is choco and not much color — of course I ate the choco and the color pastry. Hopefully they don’t do cookies as the weekly prompt tomorrow, lol.

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      2. My stepfather worked at an ice cream distribution plant. We grew up on ice cream . Sometimes I would leave the house with 3 spoons and 3 tubs of ice cream on a hot day . Whatever flavor we desired. We had so much ice cream our whole block ate it. πŸ™‚

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    1. Not often but sometime I buy a 6 pound bag of candy at Costco and devour it within 2 weeks. I can devour a bag of Oreo’s in 2 days. I prefer a Prime rib or turkey or chicken dinner with all the trimmings however.

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      1. I’ll take baked goods..lol I just made Chocolate Chip Banana Bars and I had to put half of it in the freezer or I will eat it all! That way I just take out one piece when I get a craving instead of eating the whole thing! OK so sometimes I take out two…hahaha

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