1. I know! My husband told me the settings to use, I can’t remember them off-hand, and it works every time. A few adjustments here and there and you can just click away! I am so glad to know this. I will never run out of photo opportunities now! 🙂

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  1. Lovely Landscape! 🙂

    In the North of our State (West Aus) there’s a coastal town called Broome – in under two months so far this year it has had over twice it’s ANNUAL rainfall (around 5 ft or 1.4 m)

    It’s cyclone season – and there is another 2 months to go. Someone posted a photo from the cab of his moving truck and you literally cannot see any land – it’s like he’s driving on the ocean! (It’s quite flat in Broome, you need a LOT of water to flood a plain!)

    The weather only gets weirder everywhere you look.

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    1. Thanks, lwbut! Wow! Flat land does take a lot of water to flood like that. The weather is different now. Gardening is hard when you can’t be sure of what to do, it would be easier to grow in a green house now!

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