1. We only had pancakes 3 times last year . I have a half gallon of the syrup made yesterday. I am going to make some maple butter for toast in the mornings . And I just mixed two parts Stroh rum and one part maple syrup and it is really good.

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    1. We took home 2L of the syrup in the last picture. That was the second cook. I think they said this process brings the sugar level up. I don’t think you could get it fresher than that. ๐Ÿ™‚ It took 200 L of sap to make my 2L of syrup. And I was privileged to watch a family continue more than a century old tradition.

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    1. Even the water formed by condensation coming off the evaporator had a sweet taste . The smoke look outside the building is most likely steam from the evaporator. Not a lot of smoke comes off a fire roaring with 2 foot logs. At least a wheel barrow every half hour.

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