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This is in response to Dilip ‘s post 066 . I don’t own an american made fender either but these Japanese ones were made really well . It looks identical to the Road Worn series they came out with a couple of years ago . The wear on this one is real however. 🙂

Fender squire roadworn


  1. That’s a really beautiful guitar! 🙂 Mine was the same black, but we changed it to the new color, sort of creamish white, The road worn series too were awesome. My friend still has the tele. Sold the strat though. The Highway Ones too were awesome guitars, but very difficult to buy one now as the prices for the used ones are pretty high.

    Thanks for this post. 🙂

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  2. You should post it in the “Story” weekly photo challenge on Daily Post. Just looking it, I can feel the story between the strings. Something about guitars, songs and roads.

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    1. Oh that is such an epic Idea. I read this yesterday , yet today I get it Maybe some in B$W Country roads , Highways, Guitar cases , I won’t have time for this challenge. But thank you I will post your brilliant idea this month . I am inspired . 🙂

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