1. Well, this is a bit of goosebump moment. Is your ‘burnt sienna’ a lavender blue? Last night I wrote something about my mother-in-law (deceased), and it mentioned 3 topics. Forsythia; Carolina Blue (she was from NC and always said the sky was Carolina blue); and the winter’s lavender sky at twilight. Five minutes ago, I commented on a post of someone from North Carolina, who posted a picture with the beautiful (daytime) blue sky there, and I mentioned my mother-in-law’s comments. This morning I was mentally lamenting that I’ve never been able to take a picture of the sky when it is that two-toned, lavender on the top, pinkish on the bottom, that we find at twilight in the winter. She and I both admired the lavender sky together many times. Your photo to me looks exactly like the sky I had in mind. When I saw your photo, I did a double-take.

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    1. It was lavender. I don’t often see it so I took a bunch of shots. Glad you liked them and I will be posting the rest of them soon.
      It is uncanny how things like what you said happen. Makes you wonder! 🙂

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