1. We like it so much we planted 8 asparagus roots 3 years ago,and 9 of them 2 years ago. This spring should be our first cut on the original 8 . With edible gardening you never know what the year will bring. We are anxiously waiting . 🙂

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    1. They are really good . We used to only do 3 asparagus in the wrap. Then my brother who is a chef did our wrap one night and split a pound of asparagus in three. The asparagus was bacon steamed . Bacon deserves a post on its own!


    1. The pictures are from 2 separate meals the other night. And it was delicious. I had a few Old Flame Brewery Red and Blonde brews while I cooked . They paired well with the peppers and bread. 🙂

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      1. haha – notice is always good –
        my mother is terrible with this – and she lives 12 hours away and sometimes will call when a couple hours near us – on her way somewhere – we are used to it – but at first my hubs was like – huh?
        it is a style thing I guess

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      2. hahha
        and one time – my mom came – we knewshe was coming – but she never left.
        almost 8 weeks later she said “well I am heading back to…”

        she was new in retirement that year and so she was just winging it – and now I am extra grateful for that season. I liked it at the time – but not nearly as much as i do now.

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      3. well l thanks – and not for everyone – she found her groove – but sadly we know someone who really has not …
        and sad too – but sometimes people are so defined by their work – or they never did the hard work of personal development (just put it off) and then retirement comes and the identity with the job is gone and it is a lot of looking in the mirror….

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