The Bush Devil Ate Sam

Look what showed up in my mail:


My mom is an avid reader of non-fiction books and when she said she was tired of reading ones where the topic interested her but the style of writing failed to keep her interested, I knew exactly what she meant.

I told her that one of my favourite bloggers, Curtis Mekemson, wrote a book and was not only always interesting, the one thing that drew me in was his amazing writing style. Some people just have a way with words. He is one of them. So, I ordered the book for her.

He and his wife Peggy have led (and still do) an adventurous and fun life. They have a blog right here on Word Press called β€œWandering through Time and Place.”

Mom has already devoured it and said she loved it. I told her not to tell me anything about it yet because I won’t get a chance to read it until next week. Let me tell you, it felt kind of special holding a book in my hands written by someone I have talked to on-line. If you haven’t been to their blog, you should check it out. This guy could have a tv show and I would be hooked. Pure fun and entertainment with topics of interest! I am so glad I found his site.

Sorry for taking so long to put this up, but life happened to get in the way with blogging recently.

I will be making a post about it on our personal site after I read it.

You can read more about his book and buy one for yourself here.



  1. I agree with you both! It is disappointing to read and you keep waiting for it to be good. I still continue to read, not necessarily waiting for the writing to get any better, I guess I read on for the “bones” of it. Have a fabulous weekend. Koko πŸ™‚

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  2. Thanks Rebel Girl! Much appreciated. Peggy and I have been out on our six day conditioning backpack trek for my thousand mile hike this summer and I am just getting caught up on posts. Three weeks from now I hit the trail! So glad your mom enjoyed the book. Please tell her thanks for me. –Curt

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