Rail Yard Wake Park

We took my niece and nephew to Rail Yard Wake Park two weekends in a row . They are located in Mount Albert, Ontario. The first visit we enjoyed the Aqua Park. My nephew wanted to try the wake boarding, unfortunately, they were booked that day. We went back Saturday and he took a 1/2 hour lesson. The staff did a great job, before his time was up he was going end to end. He is going back in for another lesson, it looks like he will be wanting his own wake board in the future!. Here are a few pics of more seasoned boarders tearing it up in Mount Albert.
rail yard wake park 5
rail yard wake park 6
rail yard wake park 7
rail yard wake park 4
rail yard wake park
rail yard wake park 2
rail yard wake park 3
rebelguy (1)


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