Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge

My entry for Cee’s Odd Ball ChallengeCee’s Odd Ball Challenge.

We dug this old door knob up on our property. I don’t know why I kept it. Thinking I should put it in with the metal scrap soon.


Thanks to lwbut who made a tutorial on how to add borders for our pictures right here at WordPress, I have options!



Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Houses

Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge.

This week the topic is Houses: big, small, lighthouses, birdhouse, firehouse, toys etc.

These small slanted houses were for sale at a hardware store:


A birdhouse:

birdhouse (2)_edited

A small log shed to store firewood:

woodhouse (2)

The next two were taken through the car window while driving. They are not great but I had to include them:

abandoned (2)loghouse (2)