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Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge

For this challenge, show us what waiting looks like to you.

Toronto Maple Leafs! Waiting for the puck to drop:


During the intermission some brave men came out in their bare feet to entertain the crowd. Can you imagine how cold that must have been? I bet, in their heads, they wanted to tell the Ref to hurry up and drop that freaking puck!


As for me, I am anxiously waiting for the new season. I have never been so excited about watching the Leafs! We are bringing home the cup! Wait and see!

Weekly Photo Challenge – Ooh, Shiny! – History.

The Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge – Ooh, Shiny! What is guaranteed to distract me? Almost anything! Anything with sparkles or glitter, but when it comes to anything with a history or references to it, it stops me in my tracks. If I spot anything old, there is no walking past it. It could be an old nail, tool, book. Just knowing it has a past, a story to tell, I am hooked! One day I will post a story behind a food flipper (on our personal blog), an ordinary kitchen gadget, that has a story behind it.

This Oh Shiny! moment is from our visit to the house Lucy Maud Montgomery lived in and wrote some of her “Anne of Green Gables” books.


I am standing in the very room she sat while writing them!


A picture of her son, Chester, at the water pump:


This pump:


I can’t walk past useful reference books, ever:



Satisfaction – Daily Post Photo Challenge

This Weeks Daily Post Photo Challenge is to post a picture of something that brings me satisfaction.

What brings me satisfaction is doing something that I find tedious but finishing it until the end. Working with tiny beads can be tiresome but when I finish a project, I am so happy that I stuck with it. Christmas ornament cover: