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K’lee and Dale’s Cosmic Photo Challenge – Fungi.

My entry for K’lee and Dale’s Cosmic Photo Challenge – Fungi.

A few months ago Rebel Mom said something stunk on the one side of our house. We thought maybe something must have died, something did, only it was a tree stump.

Right beside it was what looked like animal legs with hooves coming out of the ground and these egg like blobs. The smell coming off it was bad…like rotted animal. The flies loved it, as you can see:


After doing a quick search I found out what it was. A Stinkhorn, which is in the the same family  as puffballs and earthstars. They start out as the white egg shapes that you see in the pictures, usually around damp or rotting materials, which would be the old tree stump. The majority of this fungi will still be under the ground. I wasn’t about to start digging! If there is water around, the egg will turn into the stinkhorn mushroom.

A Clockwork’d Orange

Update: I changed the settings on my computer so they match what Rebel Guy’s looks like. I think it changed when I played my Civ game. I am going to re-shoot this and see if I can do better. The latest one is on the bottom.

My response to:

K’lee and Dale’s Cosmic Photo Challenge – A Clockwork’d Orange.


I now have a photo editing program but have no idea how to use it yet. So all I have to work with is a basic one. I would have loved to “cosmic-ness” this up a bit. Oh well…in time.

Do me a favour? On my screen the dagger and watch face is crisp and clear. On Rebel Guy’s it is dark and barely visible. Can you let me know if that is the case on your screen?
(Thanks Frank)  🙂

Argghhhh….I am getting my tripod out to re-shoot this mess. Sorry for all the updates.

And now for the encore test picture. Still not happy but better than it was:


Sorry again for all the updates.  😦

Let The Sun Shine In

My response to K’lee and Dale’s Cosmic Photo Challenge: Let the Sun Shine In.


I didn’t have time to play around with them but wish I had. I hope they have more types like that, looks like it would be fun! I found this challenge through Franks post. Thanks, Frank!