Word of the Day

Word of the Day – 24 October 2017: Fememorial.

Yes, I am a day late but I wanted to try my hand at this. I have never participated before.

This is a daily challenge from Love Will Bring Us Together’s Blog.

From the website:

So, today’s word is: Fememorial. (Noun).

Pronounced: Femm-em-or-ee-al.

A plaque, cairn, monument etc, erected as a commemoration of a woman or women in general. Also any formal reminder intended to do the same.

A word i just made up from the combination of Fem, an abbreviation of feminine/female and memorial, a remembrance.

Eg:  Since time immemorial there have been far to few fememorials – we need to address this imbalance between monuments to each sex.

A monument or memorial of a woman that could be considered one of the oldest would be the Virgin Mary. She might not be for everyone, but her image is known world wide.


Her image is on many religious items:

Another Victorian example of memorials was the Mourning Brooch. This particular brooch was of a young girl that grew up to become a nun and the items above belonged to her. She was one of the women who would have prayed to Mother Mary.


I do not follow any one religion and believe that everyone should have their choice in what to believe or not. Since I am on the topic, (even though I prefer rock music), I will include a song I just love: Holy Mother by Eric Clapton and Pavarotti. What a powerhouse of a duo!

It would be nice to see more recognition of women who have been a source of change and inspiration in recent years. I can think of so many women of courage that would deserve a monument.

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