Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Letter D

This week is Letter D – 4 letters words that start with D.

I wasn’t sure what to post this time until I saw Bushboys dove pictures.

This was taken through our kitchen window. Two Mourning Doves.


Blue Heron

Today we helped my brother pick up a couch, washer and dryer. I took back roads all the way home and spotted a Blue Heron in a creek.

blue Heron

It was eating river bait and not paying any attention to me.

I tried to get a better angle and spooked this beauty.

Blue Heron Getting ready to fly
It finally had enough of me.

Blue Heron Airborne
The wingspan is three feet or more, they are almost in the water.
Blue Heron Airborne2

Reminds me of a stunt pilot.
Blue Heron Airborne3

Forty feet from me it lands and is safe.