What Would Life be Without Flowers?

It is Labour Day here in Canada. It started as a day to strive for or celebrate workers’ rights by trade unions. Most people just enjoy having Monday off of work. Hope everyone enjoys the long week-end.

I know we will be taking in a day to enjoy what makes life so beautiful. So, I will leave you with some beauties in our garden:


Flowers – Night Shots

I had a bit of interest about taking pictures at night. They may not be the best photographs, but I find the colours (greenery) at night so vibrant. I don’t use any light. My camera is just on auto, the flash goes off, and I have my shot. I am shooting blind, literally. I can’t see what I am shooting.

Here are a few examples:

Using the Gallery for Photographs

I remember years ago you could click on any image to see a larger view of photographs. It just happened, you didn’t need to do anything special to allow it. So, when I posted them here, I tried to click and nothing happened.

I thought it might be because I bring mine to “Paint” to resize them before posting. That way I will use less available space. I am frugal and worry we might run out of space. Rebel guy doesn’t resize his. If he posts a single picture, you still can’t click it for a larger view.

But we did learn that if we use the gallery option, you can scroll down and get a full size image. The neatest thing we saw (yes we are newbies, many of you probably know this) was the camera settings are there.

That means when we see a picture we like, yours or ours, we can copy those exact settings. Are we the only ones who did not know this? Probably.  😉

That’s all. I was just happy to learn something new and to know I don’t always have to remember what settings I use. I can play around, look through a bunch of pictures, then see what I was doing at the time.

Here are some random shots from the past few weeks: