Thursday’s Special: Sequence

Thursday’s Special from Lost in Translation this week is Sequence.

This sequence of events begins with a sad snowman:


Tired of being lonely, he thinks up a solution:


So he gets to work:


Mission accomplished!




Christmas Close Up

Some of the things I will decorate the garlands or wreath with. I had the tripod set up in front of the sofa and just set them down on a box on the ottoman. No flash or special lighting. Used my macro. We have caught whatever virus that is running around right now and have just been lazing around. It saps the energy right out of you! Good thing I didn’t have to do much to take these shots.



Fiber Optic Spray Lamp

Rebel Girl bought a fiber optic lamp at the dollar store. I noticed that a strand of garland with led lights on it were illuminating the fiber optics lamp as well, even though it was off . I took several pictures and then our tv went to a commercial with blue screen, lighting the optic lamp even more.

christmas stuff