My Father And I On Halloween 2008

Halloween is closing in fast. Here is a picture of my father and I from a few years back. He passed this March, but in the photo his legend lives on. I am the big guy. I stand 9 feet tall at work and on Halloween. πŸ™‚ Muahahahahha.
Halloween Dad and I

Usually I prop myself against the wall. No one thinks I am real as I am so big. We have had a mother come back to our house because she dropped her purse. Sometimes I have chased people down the road with my 4 foot stride. After so many years I thought it was getting old . Kids and parents alike would ask why no big guy.
Dad and I Halloween 2

Halloween Challenge Day One: Pumpkin

I am excited about JNW’s Halloween Challenge, where we will have a Halloween themed post each day through month of October. Today assigned word is: pumpkin.

This was our pumpkin from last year. Rebel Guy carves a different one each year.