One Word Photo Challenge: Jewelry

My entry for

I used the 50 mm lens this time. I am getting more comfortable using it. I wanted to try different items to show the jewelry.

The following pictures are of jewelry that I have made over the years:

Using a Himalayan Salt Lamp:

Using a boat compass with telescope and LED candles:

Below: I did not make these. I just love them:


Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Small Subjects

This is my entry for Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Small Subjects

These are small trinkets left over from my jewelry making days. In the middle is a Canadian dime to show the actual size.

small things

The next one may not be so small right now, but it is a necklace made from many small beads.


Tuesday Photo Challenge – Golden

Inspired by Dutch goes the Photo challenge.

I was taken by surprise when I loaded this picture into my viewer. I wasn’t expecting all that golden glitter on our Anise Hyssop.


A beaded fringe necklace I made years ago, I loved it, that was when I was still learning. It fell apart. Lesson learned…don’t buy cheap thread.


I bought this beautiful gold sprinkled chocolate mini cake for my mom at an amazing store called Yummy Market. She said it was yummy indeed!

gold chocolate