Oh, Nuts!


…roasting on an open


I meant to try roasting chestnuts because I heard they were so good, I collected them, took them out of their prickly shell and then never roasted them. Now that they have not been cooked in over a month, I don’t know if they are still good to use. If anyone knows how long fresh chestnuts last, please let me know.

I Like The Winter But !

I enjoy the winter the air seems fresher. Some nights even thought it is freezing, with no wind it can be quite appealing. But I sure miss coming home from work, cracking a cold one, and firing up the grill. I still do in the winter, but I don’t have the fresh produce from our garden to choose from as a side dish. Or the will to slow cook ribs  for 4 hrs when it is minus 15.

This night Zucchini was in season so we wrapped it in bacon. We picked up a couple of strip loin loaded them with our homemade steak spice, and a feast ensues.

The routine in the summer was cook something that takes an hour. I would put on the zucchini, have a beer play my guitar or take my Twenty Minutes In The Garden pictures,or anything else that catches my attention.
Steaks on Bacon wrapped zucchini is 10 minutes from done.
Dinner is ready.
We also had cherry tomato ripe in the garden. Like I said I still BBQ in the winter, I usually smoke cheese in the winter. But I don’t have the same quality time in my backyard in winter.

Garlic Planting

Today I am going to plant my garlic, I wanted to do it yesterday but the ground was frozen . I saved my biggest bulbs from this year to plant I thought I had 150-250 bulbs to go in but after a quick count I have 294. Should be a crazy harvest next year.

Some of these bulbs are huge. look at them beside this fuse. For those of you that know what that is. 🙂

Roasted Garlic And Fig Jam

The other day Diane at Indianeskitchen posted a recipe on making your own roasted garlic. Danielle suggested goat cheese and fig jam with the roasted garlic. I roasted four garlic whole. We were full from dinner so tomorrow night we will try it. Our homegrown garlic is a hit roasted. Thanks Dianne, we will be doing a lot more. I realized quickly there isn’t enough. It is so good.

roasted garlic
roasted garlic mini cast
The only stacking will be crackers, goat cheese, fig jam and roasted garlic.
fig marmalade
roasted garlic and fig jam

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Letter M – Needs to have 2 M’s anywhere in the word

My entry for Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge. Needs to have two M’s in the word.

Mushroom shaped fried potatoes:


Mushroom? Okay, it might be fungi. I don’t know:


Homemade (Cake that I made for my Dad) :

dad's cake

rebel girl