Stranger Days

After posting my Raspberry and Strawberry pictures today, I wandered the yard looking for the usual, and not so.

Feverfew is invasive but so cool to look at in large clumps in early July. It lasts about 2-3 weeks.

Here it is flowering beside what I will call compost tomatoes. I compost everything around my yard. Black gold is the end result. By the first of October we have had a good frost, and even if we have some warm days after the plants are done for. Not this year. Our lake was still 70 degrees as of last week.
Feverfew and compost tomato.


Strange Days Indeed

I knew my Raspberry bush was acting strange for this time of year. By October 1st I have covered my pepper at least 3 times and harvested that weekend. Today I ate my first fall Raspberry ever. It was the sweetest thing, tasted like jam.
I hope I get more. The plant is loaded.
We also have new life with Strawberries. Not so loaded but we are not used to seeing this.