Garlic Planting

Today I am going to plant my garlic, I wanted to do it yesterday but the ground was frozen . I saved my biggest bulbs from this year to plant I thought I had 150-250 bulbs to go in but after a quick count I have 294. Should be a crazy harvest next year.

Some of these bulbs are huge. look at them beside this fuse. For those of you that know what that is. 🙂

Caught In A Web

Rebel Guy posted this photo back in August. I loved it and asked him not to let it get lost in a gallery post. He did it anyway. I am re-posting it because I can and he can’t stop me.  🙂 Oh, and I am busy today playing around with Christmas ornaments. <—– (I can see the eye roll! I have plans for December and want a head start)


rebel girl



Travel theme: Branches

My entry for this weeks Travel theme: Branches

“Like branches on a tree, we all grow in different directions yet our roots remain as one.”

We are all one: Human.


We grow up and hope to reach the sky


And are thankful for people willing to help a weary soul (shoe tree)


rebel girl


For years I have known of a place that have elk on the property. Wouldn’t you know it, from the time I have owned a camera of my own, I haven’t seen one. Until today. We drove past him this morning and stopped on our way home.

When I got out of the van he was already staring me down.

Elk giving me the eye

Is that a camera?
He has a camera

Is that an apple?
Is that an apple