More Close Up Pictures



From this ornament:


Corner of a handmade scrubber:


A dryer ball to prevent static cling:


A bead from another Christmas Ornament:


Off topic:

My post on what I made for dinner tonight. In Dianes Kitchen (a blog we follow) shared this and we had to try it. Click here to see it.

Has anyone watched Young@Heart on Netflix? It is a documentary about a seniors choir that sings punk and rock songs. It is an awesome story. A bit of a tear jerker too. They are an inspiration to everyone!

Playing With Long Exposure

I wanted to try a night shot of towns and traffic at night using long exposure. I played around with different settings but the one I liked best was a 10 second shutter speed, ISO 100. I put the camera on the dashboard as we were driving home.

Other than cropping some of them, there is no editing. It was fun to try. Not really what I like for photography. But I do want to try my hand at everything.  🙂


rebel girl


I bought this broken necklace from a jewelry store and meant to change it up into something new. Never got around to it. She threw in the single earring for free. It doesn’t match the necklace. You can tell I didn’t use the tripod for this one.


These are pieces that I made myself:


I do not have a clue why I keep these huge fake grapes. I thought I would take them apart and make some kind of wind charm or something. Maybe one day. They are so tacky!


rebel girl