Shooting For The Stars

During Perseid meteor shower last month I went out armed with bug repellent, tripod, camera . I ended up seeing a few meteors but seemed to never have the camera in the right spot.
I was looking at  Jfrels  page, and was inspired to go back and look at those pictures again. I think I did get one faint meteor. Or a spider spinning a web from tree to tree . 🙂Shooting star

I think I only saw 6 meteors over the course of an hour. Bored I started to play with lenses and settings. I was taking pictures randomly where I witnessed the last meteor, hoping for a repeat . There were a few stars I could visually see, I was blown away at what the camera sensor picked up that I couldn’t see. Most pictures I had my shutter between 20 -30 seconds . I set the last picture to 6 seconds to compensate for the earths movement. I plan on doing a lot more night photography.

shooting the stars.

The Moon

Last night my sister in-law was over for dinner. She texted me when she got home to run out look at the moon. We couldn’t see it yet, in fact it was two hours later that we could, and she lives 20 minutes away. When I locked up for bed I took this picture without a tripod. I was using our new 55-250 mm canon. The 75-300 mm canon that came with my camera would have needed a tripod for this shot. IMG_7670

Rebel Mom Wants a New Camera

My mom has been looking at our photo’s and caught the bug. She has a Canon Sure Shot. I have an old one and was quite happy with it. After taking shots like these…

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…she wants a camera with a macro and zoom lens. She is torn between buying a Canon or Nikon. She wants to spend less on the camera and more on the lens. Anyone have a moderately priced one. Any preference on brand? Input would be appreciated.