Military Tank – Edit

We visited the Georgina Military Museum and took a bunch of pictures. Both of us will be posting about it tonight and tomorrow.

I took a picture of this tank:


I did not want the van, flag pole and hydro lines in the photo. Adobe Photoshop CC 2018 to the rescue with the clone button. Then I used the free program PhotoShop Express to change the look.

donetank (2)

Not 100% perfect. I do see an improvement though.

Stay tuned for many more photos from our visit.

rebel girl

Check Out This Ride.

We had pulled in a parking lot to walk around the area, hoping to find something to take a picture of, when I noticed this awesome motorcycle. I looked around to see if the owner was nearby. There was a restaurant with an outdoor patio, so I gathered all the courage I could muster to hunt down the owner. I found him, asked if he would mind me taking some pictures for my site. He said sure, and I gave him our card. I wish I had the nerve to ask for his picture! One day…

Check out his ride though. How awesome is that?

UPDATE: Rebel Guy Insisted the need for enlarged photos. So now you can click them for an up close look.


Had To Stop For This One

I wish we knew the story behind this one. We have passed that same vehicle several times in the past year. They change it up a bit on some holidays. The skeletons have been in there for ages. At Christmas they have Santa hats on.  🙂


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