This Chipmunk stuffed three whole peanuts with shell in to his mouth . chipmunk 2
He was right at my feet . I made another friend today for slightly different reasons. I’m positive this one has other interest in mind.
wild cat .
My new feline friend hung around me for at least an hour. I think he wants in on the action. The Chipmunk, or these guys Chickadee.
Or these guys on my mother-in laws squirrel proof bird feeder. 🙂 Almost.
squirrel feeder

Airborne 2

I have this thing for birds in flight. They are so skilled and graceful. When I put out peanuts the Blue Jays become aggressive. They are competing with themselves, a Grey Squirrel, Doves, and Grackle who seem to enjoy the snack as well. So when they fly in, they are moving quickly.

Blue jay landing 2

Blue Jay scoping out the scene.
The last one is a Blue Jay taking off without a peanut, as the other one is clearly dominant. The one Jay chased the other the rest of the photo shoot.

Blu Jay running for his life

Which makes me wonder how they can tell each other apart?
Blue jay coming in