Keep your Bearings

Rebel Girl built a light box and spent at least a day and a half on it. Tonight while she looked through her ornaments I took over.

IMG_8254I took this picture using her macro lens on my tri-pod. I actually took four pictures, focusing from the bottom to the last picture focusing on the top. I photo stacked it in photoshop and this is the result.

Photography Contests

If you look up, you will see a new tab in our menu titled Photography Contests. I haven’t entered any yet. Down the road, I think I would like to enter some free ones. What is there to lose? I will add to the list from time to time. Many of the are for amateur photographers too.

Have you ever entered any?

Osprey Eating Breakfast

On our way to work I spotted an osprey, this bird made me late by ten minutes. osprey eating fish
I walked a little closer to it.

On my way home I saw another one. I pulled over and tried to take a picture. The osprey moved a quarter mile up the road three times. I finally gave up. I didn’t know until I was home that the first one had a fish.


Rebel Mom Got Her Camera

After much thought, Rebel Mom finally purchased her camera. What kind did she choose? A Canon Rebel! We did not try to persuade her in any way.

A Canon EOS Rebel T6 DSLR with EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 DC III Lens Kit

It was on sale at Bestbuy this week. I think she will be happy with it.


What I Learned Yesterday – Part Two

To continue my earlier post:

I won’t put up a post about one of the places we stopped to eat because I would not recommend it to anyone. I didn’t know each cup of coffee was $3.00! I had one when we got there. Then I asked for a refill and Rebel Guy asked for one after he finished his draft. The waitress came with a cup for him, and told me they were brewing a fresh pot and would be back with mine. Half an hour later, no coffee. They took my plate and I said to forget the coffee, we’d take the bill. I didn’t notice until later I was billed $9.00 for three cups.

Note to self: check your bills!

Rebel Guy was full up from the first visit to a brewery and the coffee.  🙂 I decided to wait it out and get something later. I do not drink beer, or anything alcoholic, often.

Note to self: Bring water!

You will not always be near a store. I don’t drink soda beverages either. The brewery we went to sold beer or soda.


Keep an eye on your gear. Do not set it down. At one point I noticed Rebel Guy looking at me and nodding to my things when we were approached by two young men. He told me we were close to losing something while one tried to occupy us and the other went over to my belongings.

Check your to-go bags when you order food!

Still thirsty from my earlier stop at an eatery, I ordered a water, Rebel Guy a Root Beer soda. We had driven away when I realized our drinks were not in the bag! Seriously! I couldn’t believe it. There was no way I was going to let it ruin a great day and decided to shrug it off. I guess I was not meant to be hydrated that day.


Almost everyone asked if we were were on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. It seems having a site is just not as popular. I broke down and joined Twitter today. I guess our posts will go up there, I don’t understand hashtags yet. Do we use them on WordPress? In a post or as a tag? Any tips would be appreciated.


We are excited about our next day trip and will be more prepared to hike around for hours. A great learning experience! A great way to celebrate our anniversary together. I am so happy that we found something we both enjoy. It brings excitement and gives us something to look forward to.  🙂