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This is in response to Dilip ‘s post 066 . I don’t own an american made fender either but these Japanese ones were made really well . It looks identical to the Road Worn series they came out with a couple of years ago . The wear on this one is real however. 🙂

Fender squire roadworn

Using Paint To Make A Border.

Love Will Bring Us Together’s Weblog asked me how I put the border around my pictures. I use the Windows Paint program that comes for free on every computer. At least I think it does.

To open Paint, type paint in the search box on the taskbar, and then select it from the list of results.

When I upload my picture there it is huge and I can only see a portion of it. I could zoom out to make it smaller but I resize it to save space on my website.

Here is a mud puddle:


This is how I resize it:



I always check the Maintain Aspect Ratio box. That way I only have to type in the percentage in the horizontal box and the vertical will follow suit on its own. I usually scale my picture down to 20% of the original size. It can vary though. And if you mess up, you can always use the undo button. The blue curved arrow near the top left side of the screen.

I want an outline, so I click it and choose full color.

Now for the border. First choose the shape I click on the 4th one. (Rectangle) :


I want an outline, so I click it and choose Solid Color:


Then the size Size of the border. That is found beside the Shapes. I use the thickest one.

You can choose what color you want it to be too.

Once you have done that, move your mouse to the top left of the picture and drag the rectangle around your photo. Hold down your left mouse button the whole time. Lift your finger off of the mouse button when you have it just right. It can be tricky to get it right. Thank goodness there is that handy Undo blue arrow!


Hope this helps lwbut!  🙂

Oh, while I am still here, I just wanted to leave a link to Olen Dean’s Photography site. He is new to WordPress and I just love his style. I hope you drop by and give him a warm welcome.



ThinkTank Camera Bag – Inside

I showed pictures of my new camera bag a few posts ago. You can see it here.

Marilyn from Serendipity (if you don’t follow her, you should, she is brilliant and witty) asked to see the inside of it. It was a bit difficult because it doesn’t open up wide. Which is probably a good thing or the gear would fall out.

I did the best I could. The flap was folded over for a better look inside and the arrow points to a flap that can divide that space into two levels of storage. Each space has velcro so you can adjust the compartments.


This one shows the area that holds all the little things. It is on the front of the bag.


The back will hold a tablet. We don’t own one. Maybe I will shove maps or a book inside.


From the bottom you can pull out a cover that will protect your bag from the weather or anyone tempted to open your zipper!  🙂


Look What Santa Got Me

I picked this baby up on boxing day. It is on sale at Henry’s this week. It has been so cold I have mostly hung around the house. I did manage to get some shots of the moon with it the last few nights. I am really happy with my new lens.
Canon ef 70-200 mm f4 usm.jpg
Here are some pictures from today.
waxing gibbous dec 29 17  over house.jpg
waxing gibbous dec 29 17 420 .jpg
In the backyard.jpg
backyard sun.jpg

Capture V3 By Peak Design

Both Rebel Girl and myself bought this cool camera carry system by Peak Design. I tried mine out today I might add another one for a couple of lenses. Peak Design is a kick starter company. How awesome is that? Check out their full line of products PD here. I am going to have to get a new camera bag or sling for all our toys..

capture peak design.jpg

capture peak design. v3.png